“Freedom is a fragile thing and is never more than
one generation away from extinction.
It is not ours by inheritance; it must be fought
for and defended constantly by each generation,
for it comes only once to a people.
Those who have known freedom and then lost it,
have never known it again.”  ~Ronald Reagan

What is a Patriot?

A patriot is anyone who loves, supports, and defends his or her country. Patriotism inspires positive attitudes regarding the nation in which someone lives, a desire to preserve its culture and character, and pride in the achievements of its people. Some people criticize patriotism. They seem to feel that such emotions foster a blind allegiance. However, a true patriot does not ignore his country's wrongs, nor the chance to correct them. In fact, he wants to see the wrongs remedied precisely because he loves his country so much! Every country has its patriots, but the United States consistently ranks as one of the most patriotic nations.

The first American Patriots were members of the original thirteen colonies that rebelled against British tyranny during the American Revolution. They consisted of lawyers, farmers, merchants, physicians, judges, educators, and many others – men and women from all social, economic, ethnic and racial backgrounds. The most prominent leaders of the American Patriot movement are referred to as our Founding Fathers, since they were the ones who declared the United States of America as an independent nation in July 1776.

There have been many more great American patriots since the signing of the unanimous Declaration of Independence. It may seem that our nation's overall level of patriotism varies somewhat among communities and fluctuates depending on current events, such as during times of war or immediately following the tragedy of 9-11. Nevertheless, millions of Americans have faithfully shown their patriotism throughout the years by helping their country, whether on the battle front or working on the home front.

Patriots voluntarily adhere to certain values such as respect for the flag, and proudly participate in symbolic acts such as displaying patriotic signs. However, patriotism means more than simply waving the American flag, reciting "The Pledge of Allegiance," or singing "The Star Spangled Banner." A patriot's dedication to the principles that make the United States of America so great goes far deeper than that.

For one thing, patriotism means making sure that our children are educated about the traditional cultural and moral values upon which our nation and government were founded. This would include a thorough knowledge of our country's three most important documents: The Declaration of Independence, The Constitution of the United States, and The Bill of Rights - all of which were based upon Biblical principles.

On the surface, patriots show considerable community involvement as members of civic organizations, church groups, youth programs, etc. Homeschoolers in particular tend to be more active in civic affairs than their public school counterparts. In addition, while most are honest Americans who simply believe in doing their civic duty, a patriot loves his country so much that he or she is truly passionate about promoting and defending its interests.

A true patriot remains loyal to his country at all costs. If it is occupied by an enemy, he is a member of a resistance group. Some might associate this type of patriotism only with armed militias. However, anyone who fights to preserve the heritage of our nation is a patriot even when it is done through public speeches, letters to the editor, petitions, or other peaceful means. And by the way, if we didn't have patriots defending our second amendment, the rest of them would be taken away. Remember, the price of freedom is eternal vigilance and the willingness to protect it against all enemies, both foreign and domestic.

Like all large-scale movements, the modern patriot movement is a compilation of various groups that see different issues as their primary concern. These include: right-to-keep-and-bear-arms advocates, tax reformers, United Nations opponents, judicial reformers, social security opponents, educational freedom advocates, etc. Conservative Christian patriots are God-fearing folks who are pro-Constitution, pro-Life, and pro-Christ. Homeschool patriots specifically promote and defend the concept of educational liberty – that is, the constitutional right and freedom of teaching their own children at home.

Many patriots fall into more than one category, of course. And while their primary focus may differ, virtually every patriot group supports the fundamental goal of revitalizing American liberty through Constitutional and law-abiding government. As with all movements, individual patriots and their views range from the mainstream to the radical. But no matter where our personal interests lie, we must always remember our collective obligation to ensure that justice is done, freedom prevails, and the principles upon which our nation was founded endure.

Now more than ever, the future of liberty depends on reclaiming America’s founding principles. We need to awaken our country and get it back on course. Homeschool Patriot seeks to remind American citizens that when you govern according to true conservative ideals, America flourishes! Let's revitalize citizen participation in our government, teach our children the principles of freedom, and restore the spirit of America's founders.

For hundreds of links to patriotic resources, educational materials, historical documents, and information on how YOU can help preserve the heritage of our Founding Fathers, CLICK HERE.

Abraham Lincoln: The Boy, the Man      

Did you know...? We believe in limited government, fiscal discipline, low taxes, strong defense, the Second Amendment, education that is free from governmental control, judges who enforce – not make – our laws, traditional marriage, parental rights, and the unwavering defense of the right to life. In summary, we believe that America’s future lies in the strength of its families, not the size of its government.

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